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Light The Way to Selling Your Home

The principles of home staging teach us that dark rooms look small, unorganized and uninviting. We are psychologically programmed to move toward light, which explains why a window at the end of a hallway or an exterior view draws us in and engages us. This is also the reason proper lighting is essential when staging […]

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How Much is Too Much?

Canadian home sales and prices are on the rise – again. After a brief lull in activity last spring due to the onset of COVID-19, the Canadian Real Estate Association’s September 2020 data reveals that transactions rose a whopping 45.6 per cent year-over-year. With a persistent shortage of new listings hitting the market, prices also […]

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Downsizing without downgrading

Toronto’s skyline has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades, now lined with shimmering glass condominium communities that stand as a beacon for the best the city has to offer – culture, entertainment and excitement, mere steps from your front door. We already know that condominiums and townhomes are a top choice among first-time […]

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Renos That Boost Your ROI

So, you’ve decided to sell your home. That means you’ve also likely tossed around the idea of a home renovation to bring in a buyer, faster and for a higher price. Here are four home renovations with the biggest pay-off at the offer table. Kitchen It’s the beating heart of the home. This is the […]

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Selling Your Home – Get ready to move!

Square footage has become among the most-coveted features in a home. Aside from having more room to move and live, there’s something inherently appealing about “free” space. Free of artwork, free of furniture. Just clean simplicity. Openness has certainly become something to celebrate, whether you live in a small city condo or a sprawling suburban […]

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