Our Team

Heather Hadden

Team Leader


You could say Toronto is in Heather Hadden's blood. She comes from a long line of Torontonians, and her connection to this world-class city is so strong that she's made it into a successful career in the top 1% of Toronto agents and Team Leader at Hadden Homes. But her path to real estate wasn't a straight line. Heather started out as a teacher, but traded the books for listings and followed in the career path of her sister, a realtor. Heather discovered her ability to connect with people - likely seeded by her sociology studies at Queen's University, and put it to work serving clients and starting her own business.

"Best decision of my life. I found I LOVED connecting with people, and nothing compared to the high and excitement of helping them find their perfect home," says Heather.

Meanwhile, she was living out a number of personal milestones as well, including marriage, the birth of her daughter, divorce, moving thrice (to three different neighbourhoods), meeting a new love (she swiped right) and settling comfortably into her new, blended family. These experiences have come with a host of new and exciting adventures, and empathy that is what helped shape her business.

"I knew how hard these transitions had been for me. Whether it was buying a first home, needing to upsize, needing to downsize, retiring parents, I’ve been there," Heather says. "Over the past 14 years, my team and I have been through every situation under the sun, and are equipped to make this transition as easy as possible for you."

- I have my 10,000 hours!

Aside from her "people" skills, Heather knows the city - and the housing market - like the back of her hand. She is a proven skilled sales professional who brings to the table a combination of fierce negotiation skills, cunning wit and the drive to win - and win she does.

Hadden Homes is in the top 0.1% of agents in the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, and our listings sell in an average of just 11.5 days for 105% of list price.

The Hadden Homes Method is designed to end the stress and chaos of the sale, and make your life as EASY as possible.

Amanda Griffis

Sales Representative


André Cauchi

Sales Representative


My professional trajectory began in the world of sales, selling television programs and movies where I honed my interpersonal skills and keen attention to detail. I embarked on a journey that led me to the bustling real estate scene in Toronto, a transition that felt like a natural progression—a shift toward my true calling.In Toronto's dynamic real estate market, I've found my niche, leveraging my innate ability to connect with people and my knack for recognizing what makes a property a perfect fit. Whether it's a cozy condo or a spacious family home, I thrive on understanding my clients' unique needs and preferences, and ensuring their aspirations are not just met but exceeded.My approach to working with you is founded on the belief that real estate transactions are more than just deals; they're life-changing moments. I take pride in guiding my clients through every step, providing personalized attention. As your real estate agent in Toronto, I am committed to making your property journey an enjoyable, fulfilling, and successful experience.

Anna Marto

Sales Representative


Anna's passion for real estate was first ignited over 25 years ago with the purchase of her first home. It continued as she relocated several times in the search for the perfect home and community to raise a family.

Anna's personal experiences taught her the importance of establishing clear goals and how choosing the right real estate sales professional will help deliver the best experience.

Her goal is to help families make powerful & confident home selling & buying decisions while navigating the ever-changing world of real estate!

Her approach is to be a consultative ally - to provide custom-tailored, turn-key solutions & services that make her clients experience as seamless and stress-free as possible while delivering proven results.

Her guiding principles are;

To be passionate.
To be detail-oriented every step of the way.
To offer genuine and frank advice.
To provide open communication.

…rooted in a mutually respectful partnership.

…keeping you in the driver’s seat at all times

She has a refreshingly friendly and genuine attitude with strong negotiation skills (developed over her 22 years experience closing multi-million advertising deals with Blue Chip companies during her Advertising Sales career).

Now, a longtime resident of the Etobicoke's Islington - City Centre West community, she has raised three children through school, hockey, swimming, art and music classes. She has chaired the school's parent council, headed up numerous fundraising committees, and been the trainer of her daughter's hockey team for over 3 years. Anna has even started playing hockey herself with other moms in the community at George Bell Arena.

All this to say that Anna has gained a full understanding of what and why it is important to know the diverse offerings that a community has to offer before making the move or investment!

Brooke Marion

Sales Representative


Diana Knight

Sales Representative


Diana's passion for Real Estate was evident from a young age. She used to drag her friends to open houses in her Toronto neighbourhood at the tender age of 12, and would point out "good buys" to her parents.

Diana got her start investing in Real Estate while living in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. She bought land, designed and built a home, and then ran it as a successful vacation rental.

When kids came along, Diana chose to settle in Toronto’s very family-friendly East End. Since moving home in 2009, Diana has continued to build a career in the industry she is so passionate about.

She works all over the GTA but her focus is on all the amazing areas the City of Toronto has to offer. Having done a number of renovations to homes over the years, she brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to construction & design, which has proven to be invaluable to her buyer clients. She is an investor at heart, who owns and manages rental properties, and always ensures her clients not only find their dream home, but also make a sound investment.

Georgina Blanchard

Sales Representative


Born and raised in Toronto, and now raising a family of her own here, Georgina knows - and loves - this city inside and out. Georgina holds an undergraduate and Master's degree from Queen's University in Sociology as well as a Bachelor of Community Health Sciences in Midwifery from TMU. After working for almost a decade as a Registered Midwife in the GTA, she has delivered hundreds of babies and has worked intimately with families at a very special time in their lives. Through this rewarding work, Georgina has developed a keen sense of compassion and intuition, and has honed her ability to really listen to people's wants and needs and prioritize those preferences. Her passion for real estate began when she purchased her first home in the height of the mid 2000's bidding wars era without going into competition. When selling that house for well over asking and purchasing her forever home at a steal, her very own real estate agent encouraged her to become a real estate agent herself!

Georgina loves being a member of her community and this past year was Head Coach for her son's U11 Select Hockey team at George Bell. She even had to go to Hockey University to get certified as a Level 2 Coach from Hockey Canada! When she's not driving her kids to and from practice, lessons or art class, you can find her in the park in her neighbourhood. If it's winter, she'll be tending to the community ice rink that she spearheaded 8 years ago and if it's spring, summer or fall, she'll be in one of the two pollinator gardens she planted and cares for. When she's not working, with her kids or in the park, she loves to spend time at home with her husband and enjoys cooking and playing fiddle.

Julanna Vine



With a Specialist degree in Fine Art History from the University of Toronto, Julanna has developed her eye for colours, textures, pattern and form from her specialized work with textiles, where she has spent years experimenting with printing and hand-dyed techniques to develop pillow collections she supplied for retailers (incl. Elte Mkt).

Working with Heather, Julanna developed the staging side of the Hadden Homes business. She sources the collection of furnishings, manages inventory, and plans the design strategy and style schemes to elevate each home to its potential for resale. By using colour, shape, and textures - Julanna and the Hadden Homes staging team are able to bring homes to life. Using as many J Vine Studio pillows into her schemes as possible - she brings full circle her experiences and passion for style.

Julanna lives in Midtown Toronto with her husband three kids (11, 9, and 6). Balancing busy family life, with her love of design and interiors, brings Julanna ultimate joy!

Johan Klepp

Sales Representative


Folks, it’s been 20 years now and I have loved serving Cottage Country, in my flip-flops and Tommy Bahama gear! My clients stretch from Georgian Bay through Muskoka to the Kawartha Lakes! 500K or 5M, it simply does not matter who you are or where you come from with me. I just work hard and keep on keeping on!

For me, my accomplishments are more about having confident, informed and happy clients as opposed to flashy signs and ads that boast about sales volume or how I am “better than the rest”. I speak to people and treat them like I have known them for years. Honest, pragmatic and experience driven advice is key to any Buyer’s or Seller’s transaction and that’s what makes my life a success!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a waterfront home/cottage, rural hobby farm/estate or even waterfront/in-town commercial property, I have your back! There will be ebbs and flows, ups and downs, but managing those scenarios with respect for everyone involved is what I am here for. There’s no smoke and mirrors with me, and as a line from a great Bob Marley song says, “I wear no disguise”.

Let’s connect and chat about your next real estate endeavour!

Karl Sarkadi

Sales Representative


Hello, I’m Karl, and I’m on a mission to bring a touch of professionalism and a dash of friendliness to your real estate experience. With over 25 years of business and marketing management expertise and a pure passion for real estate, I am committed to providing exceptional real estate services.

I don’t just bring knowledge to the dynamic world of buying, selling, or investing. Picture me as your seasoned guide, ensuring seamless transactions and an experience that goes above and beyond. My sincere nature, optimistic outlook and excellent negotiation abilities exceed clients’ expectations every time.

One of my areas of expertise is helping investors and end-users secure their preferred pre-construction units. From coordinating with the various stakeholders to the continuous support after the deal, I’m the agent you want on your side.

Embark on a professional journey with me, where your real estate goals are met with personalized guidance, valuable education, and access to the industry’s best. Let’s redefine your real estate experience together.

Katrina Obront

Chief Operating Officer | Sales Representative


Katrina Obront is a distinguished figure in the Toronto real estate industry, whose career spans over a decade, marked by her dedication to helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of buying and selling homes across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). As the Chief Operating Officer at Hadden Homes, Katrina has carved a niche for herself, specializing in assisting families looking to upsize in sought-after areas such as East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, Aurora, King City, and Richmond Hill. Her expertise is not just a testament to her professional acumen but also reflects her deep understanding of the diverse communities within the GTA, gained through living in various neighbourhoods including Downtown Toronto, Etobicoke, Thornhill, North York, and now East Gwillimbury.

Beyond her professional achievements, Katrina's personal life is a rich tapestry of close familial bonds and joyous personal milestones. She is a devoted mother to a beautiful 9-year-old daughter, illustrating her ability to balance a demanding career with the responsibilities and pleasures of motherhood. Katrina's family is a significant part of her life; she has five sisters with whom she shares an unbreakable bond, highlighting the importance of family in her life. Additionally, her home is made even warmer by the presence of her cute kitty and two maltipoos adding to the loving environment she has created for her daughter and herself.

Her achievements in both her career and personal life are deeply supported by Jeremey, her partner. His steadfast encouragement and commitment have been instrumental in her rise as a top real estate professional and attentive mother. Jeremey's contribution is more than just support; it's about fostering a nurturing environment that empowers Katrina to confidently chase her dreams, epitomizing a partnership rooted in mutual respect, love, and collective growth.

Katrina's journey through life's various stages—marriage, motherhood, divorce, and finding love again—has been interwoven with her steadfast dedication to her real estate career over the last 13 years. This personal journey has not only shaped her as an individual but has also deeply informed her professional approach, making her uniquely attuned to the needs of her clients navigating their own life transitions. Through these experiences, Katrina has developed a profound understanding of the emotional and practical aspects of buying and selling homes, enabling her to provide unparalleled support and guidance. Her resilience in the face of personal challenges and her ability to rebuild and find happiness again is a testament to her strength and determination, qualities that have contributed immensely to her success in the real estate industry.

Katya Castañeda

Sales Representative


Katya made the life-changing move from Mexico to Canada in 2006, and it was her own journey purchasing her first home in Toronto that ignited her enthusiasm for helping others find their ideal properties. For Katya, a home isn't just a place to live, it's the cornerstone and foundation of your life, bestowing a profound sense of pride and financial security.

With a background in Industrial Design and Marketing, and her life-long experience working at top international companies she brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to the world of real estate.

Katya will always go over and above for her clients. Her passion and dedication will shine through as she walks by side with you, providing guidance, knowledge and support at every stage of the home buying or selling process.

Meghan Parks

Sales Representative


Meghan was born and raised in Central Toronto and immersed in real estate from a young age, having a successful Toronto Realtor for a Dad.
Starting her career in 2010, Meghan thrives off of helping her clients realize their dreams! Her ultimate goal is to provide excellent service and advice that her clients can trust and that provides confidence in their decisions. With extensive market knowledge and a genuine and direct approach, Meghan can help you navigate the market and prepare for a smooth and successful transaction. Ready to get started? Meghan would be thrilled to work with you!

Nicole Nicholson

Team Manager & Administrative Assistant


Olivia Mendez

Sales Representative


Olivia Mendez has an extensive advertising background having worked on some of the world’s best known brands. Because of this, Olivia knows what it takes to get your house to stand out and get noticed.

Olivia has a keen eye for design and is able to see a home’s true potential when the average person can’t as she is an avid renovator and investor. She creatively styles homes so they show their best, and is able to advise clients on renovation possibilities to make a house a dream home.

Teaming up with her sister Diana, Olivia and Diana form the dynamic duo of “LIV + DI.” Working with them promises to take the stress out of the buying/selling process, make it informative, and most importantly FUN.

Olivia currently lives in the Upper Beaches neighbourhood in Toronto with her husband, 3 kids and dog and loves spending time at her beach house in Costa Rica.

Paul Stavros

Sales Representative


I’m the son of immigrant parents who came here from Greece over 40 years ago. They opted for a life full of risk and uncertainty to get away from the economic problems of our home country and raise a family of respectable and hard working individuals.

Having watched my parents get older, working jobs they didn’t like, and learning over time how much they sacrificed for my brother, sister and I, a lightbulb eventually went off in my head. Prior to Real Estate, I was working in manufacturing, where I was a production supervisor for seven and a half years.

I was living a life based on what I thought was correct - getting a “good job” even though I never went to university, but my parents came here to give me a better life… it was time for me to start living one. And that led me to Real Estate.

Since then, I've been fortunate enough to help over 150 people across the GTA buy and sell their homes and haven't looked back since.

Whitney Newlands

Sales Representative


As a native Torontonian, Whitney has a wealth of knowledge of all the top Toronto neighbourhoods. Whitney’s client’s rely on her positive, driven and energetic personality to guide them through all aspects of the buying process. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, or in the market for a multi-million dollar home, Whitney is capable of handling all and any real estate transactions.