Tips on how to update your home on a tight timeline and budget.

Frequently clients hire us soon after purchasing a new home knowing they have renovations to do or simply need our help with furnishings and the finishing touches. Subsequently we help homeowners looking to sell, who are unsure on what updates they should make to achieve the best impact for potential buyers. From the front door to the basement, here are some useful tips on how to update a home with high appeal and a low investment.

Curb appeal – Be an attention seeker! Be creative, do something that will get your home noticed, while still being tasteful. Paint your front door a bold colour, with a grey exterior go for yellow or a fresh blue, with a red/brown exterior go for charcoal grey. We like to tell our clients to add some jewellery to their exteriors – change up standard exterior light fixtures for ones that are bold and make a statement to compliment your home. On the exterior your light fixtures, house numbers, mailbox and door hardware are easy fixes to get your home noticed and add some personality and charm. Make sure you keep finishes the same for these items, black or brushed silver are most popular. Finally, don’t forget about fabulous seasonal planters to highlight your front door.

Upon entering, the foyer is the place to set the tone for the home. If it is a casual home go for a sisal rug and a bench with accent cushions; or for a formal home dress it up with a dark geometric tile or rug and a sleek console with mirror above. When you are having showings or guests, fresh flowers on your foyer console is a nice touch and shows that you take pride in your home. Also make sure your home smells fresh and clean; avoid heavy scented air fresheners, they may tell your buyer or guest you are trying to mask something.

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we do a lot of kitchen renovations. It is best to seek a professional when considering any updates in a kitchen as it is one of the most expensive areas to renovate or update and will be a main deciding factor for a buyer on the purchase of your home. The best way to quickly update is by looking at replacing your door faces or get your existing doors painted. The most popular looks homeowners are asking for are fresh off white cabinetry or a darker warm grey paint or stain. Replacing laminate countertops will improve your kitchen’s appeal and add value. We are fans of marble countertops, although they can etch, stain easily. For those people looking for a more practical material while still trying to achieve a similar look, we advise looking at using quartz or more affordable product

While quartz can be costly, granite or a solid surface like Corian could be a more economical option. We recommend to not going too busy when selecting your countertop colour and pattern; keep them neutral to ensure their longevity. If you are budget conscious a place to save is on the backsplash. A simple, classic, porcelain subway tile will give you great timeless appeal. Also changing dated hardware on your cabinet doors is a fantastic way to update your cabinets without a lot of cost.

Like the kitchen; cabinets, countertops and tile will make the biggest impact in your bathrooms. Often painting out your existing bathroom’s vanity a fresh white or grey could be an easy way to transform your space. Splurge on beautiful floor tiles and the countertop; these items are worth it and will make an important impact. If your bathroom is neutral but lacks personality, staging by adding accessories will transform the feel of the room without great expense. We use art, shower curtains, window treatments, towels and bath accessories as easy ways to spruce up a bathroom and impress potential buyers.

Besides the exterior, foyer, kitchen, and bathrooms, basements are an important space that shouldn’t be forgotten. Often basements become packed with items for storage – clear them out! Homebuyers want to see the space so they can imagine it’s potential. We always recommend when finishing the basement, select flooring and trim that matches the rest of the home to create continuity. From the driveway to the basement, be thoughtful about how you update your home. Hire a professional and focus on highlighting your home’s unique character and charm through thoughtful updates.